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Blathering and Rec: "Meta"-reviews of 5x22

I like missyjack 's review of 5x22.

ETA: Oh I also really like bree_black 's review of 5x22 too!

Now for something completely different

Oh, here's a prompt for those who write:

My sister's hands are messed up at the moment. She can't bend her fingers. Here are samples of our conversations:

*I serve dinner*
Susie: *sigh*
Me: You want me to cut your chicken?
Susie: Yes, please.

Susie: Do you want to cut up some strawberries for me?
Me: Actually I do!
Susie: Well, that works out perfectly then, because I really want some cut up strawberries.

One night last week, I had to tuck her into bed like she was kid. When she showers, I have to brush her hair for her afterward.

I can't help but think that it'd make a pretty good h/c prompt with our dear Winchester brothers (minus the hair brushing of course, though Sam's hair IS getting pretty long)

On the plus side, Susie has gotten really good at doing things without bending her fingers - it's like a skill that she doesn't want to need and hopes to never use again.

Poor Susie. Hopefully she heals up soon.
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