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Thoughts on the Demented!Sequel

Vile Violent Vacations?

I'm still trying out titles...

Supernatural's season finale is this week, which means next Wednesday (May 19th) is the scheduled premiere date for my sequel to the Demented!verse.

So far it's not as plot-driven as the first one was. It DOES have a plot, and a pretty cool one at that, (I think)...though it lacks a really cool twist at the end (so far anyway, maybe I'll still think of something).

I'm 13 chapters in (with chapters ranging between 2,000 and 4,000 words each - I have nearly 35,000 words overall already)...and I've barely even TOUCHED on the plot. You can look at this two ways: a)I've got plenty of character interaction or b)I've been spending way to much time writing conversations that don't advance the plot.

I'll probably edit before I post, I suppose - so there is plenty of time to switch things up. Some of you have told me that you like my character-interaction the most...so hopefully you all won't mind if things get a bit bogged down in conversation. From an editor's standpoint though, all I can see is that if someone handed this to me as a manuscript, I'd be writing big red Xs through whole pages and telling them that there's far too much needless exposition. So yeah, I'm a little bit anxious as to how it will go over. I feel like I'm a one-hit wonder trying to make a second album.

All of this does mean, however, that I WILL still be posting it as a WIP with an unknown final chapter count - so, fair warning. But, much like last time, I make a solemn vow to finish it in a relatively timely manner. The only vacation I have planned so far this year is two weeks in August - and only one of those weeks will keep me away from LJ.

Here are some spoilers:
-Teddy Lupin speaks to me in a totally different voice than I was expecting.
-I will depart from my previous POV-limitation rule! Which means that you will be getting more POVs than just Harry, Dean, and Sam. I might be the only one excited by this. :-P
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