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Sam's White Palm-Tree T-Shirt

Sam's White Palm-Tree T-Shirt

Sam has a white T with a black palm tree on it. The leaves of the palm tree are the only part of the design we ever see.


NOTE: This could very well be the white T-shirt that Sam often wears under his sweaters – we can’t know, because we can’t see the logo. I can only report the appearances in which I’m 100% it is this particular white shirt.

In Bloody Mary (1x05), Sam wears the T underneath his hoodie for the trip to Fort Wayne, and keeps it on until the after the confrontation with
Mary – then presumably he has to change out of it due to blood stains.

In Faith (1x12), Sam wears the T to Dean’s doctor’s appointment after he his healed, and when investigating the death of the swimmer.

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