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If Clothes Could Talk: Sam's Clothes

Unique T-shirts (includes Polos):
Purple T-Shirt
Odd Front-Seam Grey T-Shirt
Whippet T-Shirt
Black and Grey Vanishing Logo T-Shirt
White Palm-Tree T-Shirt
Dark Grey Polo
Red Polo with Pocket
Red and White (presumed) T-Shirt
Weird Orangey-Flesh Coloured T-Shirt
Light Grey/Blue Polo
Red Polo (without pocket)
Red T-Shirt with Image of Man
Starry T-Shirt
Red V-neck T-Shirt
Beige Polo

Long-Sleeved Shirts and Hoodies:
(Note: Sam's Superhero Hoodie-Jacket is in the Coats category)
Long-Sleeved Brown Shirt
Long-Sleeved Black Shirt
Long-Sleeved Brown Shirt with Grey Sleeve Stripes
Fleur-de-Lis Hoodie
Brown Sweater with Red Chest Stripe
Chocolate Hoodie
Plain Brown Sweater
The Charcoal Hoodie
Grey Sweater
Blue Sweater
Grey Thermal Undershirt
Brown V-Neck Sweater
Textured Sweater
Light Brown Hoodie

Orange Plaid Shirt
Subtle Light-Blue Striped Shirt
Dark Blue Striped Shirt
Western Purple Shirt
Mostly White Plaid Shirt
Purple Shirt with Red Seams
Brown and Blue Striped Shirt
Light Blue and Yellow Striped Shirt
Hunter Green Plaid Shirt
Blue Shirt with Brown Paired Stripes
Blue and Black Plaid Shirt
Beige Plaid Shirt
Blue Subtle Broad Plaid Shirt
Red and Light Grey Medium Plaid Shirt
Weird Red Flower Shirt
Dusty Red Plaid Shirt
Frayed-Edges Denim Shirt
Denim Shirt
70s Brown Plaid Shirt
Soft Blue Plaid Shirt
Off-White Patterned Western Shirt
White Dotted-Stripe Shirt
Grey "Heart" Shirt
Standard Blue Grey Plaid Shirt
Blue and Light Brown Plaid Shirt
White X-Striped Shirt
Upholstery Brown Shirt
Pink Striped Shirt
Purple and Brown Plaid Shirt
S3 Blue and White Striped Shirt
Western Plaid Shirt with Rope Detail
Green Striped Shirt
S3 Blue and Brown Plaid Shirt
S3 Orange Plaid Shirt
Blue and Beige Plaid Shirt
Extremely Subtle Grey-Striped Blue Shirt
Purple Plaid Shirt (with weird pocket)
Red and Grey Shirt
Blue and Yellow Plaid Shirt
Blue/Grey Horizontal Plaid Shirt
Trickster Shirt
Blue and Grey Shirt
Blue Wire Plaid Shirt
S4 Standard Blue Plaid Shirt
Chocolate Western Corduroy Shirt
Green Shirt
Brown Shirt with White Buttons
Red Shirt with Black Design
Dull Plaid Shirt
Extremely Light Denim Shirt
Yellow and Green Striped Shirt
Dark Shirt with Invisible Buttons
Dark Brown and Blue Plaid Shirt
Deep Blue Horizontal Plaid Shirt
Black Shirt
S5 Green Plaid Shirt
Grey Stripey Plaid Shirt
Dull Blue Plaid Shirt
Country Plaid Shirt
Very Busy Plaid Shirt
Blue, Purple, and Grey Plaid Shirt with Black Buttons
Royal Blue and White Plaid Shirt
Grey S6 Plaid "Returning" Shirt
Grey Striped Shirt
Dark Blue Shirt
Gorgeous S6 Blue Plaid Shirt
Greyish-Greenish Silver Snap Shirt
Farmer Plaid Shirt
Blue Circle-Stripe Shirt
Blue and Yellow "Re-Soulling" Plaid Shirt
Brownish Grey and Electric Blue Plaid Shirt
Gold, Blue, and White Plaid Shirt
Western White Embroidered Shirt
Red and Black Plaid Shirt
Black-Buttoned Grey and Red (Purple) Plaid
S7 Light Blue Subtle Striped Shirt
Red Hunting Plaid
S7 Broad Grey Plaid
Blue/White Bright and Bold Plaid
Plain Dark Shirt
S7 Standard Blue Plaid
S7 Darker Blue Plaid
Van Seat Plaid
Tablecloth Plaid
Blue Shirt
Muted Red and Green Plaid
Blue "Benny" Horizontal Plaid
Dense Plaid
Loud Blue Plaid
S9 Grey-Blue Plaid
Dark Grey and Red Plaid
Mostly White Plaid
S9 Dark Blue Plaid
Dark Smudged Plaid
S9 Blue Plaid with White Snaps
Very Bright Yellow and Blue Plaid
Pastel Plaid
Chicago Blue (Plaid) Shirt
Blurry Blue and White Plaid
S10 Blue Plaid Version Eleventy
Multi-Seam Silver Snap Shirt
Tiny Grey and White Plaid
S10 Mystery Blue Plaid
S10 Light Blue Plaid
Faded Red and Black Plaid
Irregular Blue and Yellow Plaid
Gorgeous Red and Blue Plaid
Clinging Green Plaid
Clinging Red Plaid
Purple and Red Striped Shirt
Checkered Grey Plaid
Green & Blue Camping Blanket Shirt
Checkered Red Plaid
Checkered Green Plaid
Blue and White Large Plaid
Faded Dull Plaid
Blue and Orange Plaid
S13 Orange Plaid
Red and White Plaid
White, Grey and Red Plaid
S13 Red Plaid
80s Videogame Plaid
Blue/Green Plaid
Tan and Beige Plaid
S13 Black Shirt
S13 Grey/Blue Plaid
OTHER White, Grey, and Red Plaid

Jackets and Coats:
Single Zipper Breast Pocket Beige Jacket
Superhero Hoodie-Jacket
Blue Zippery Jacket
Winter Coat
Green Two-Snap Coat
Brown Corduroy Jacket
Green Panel Coat
Temporary Vertical Breast Pocket Coat
Dark Coat
Heavy Beige Coat
Blue Jacket
Brown Suede Coat
Green Invisible-Snap Jacket
Sleek Chicago Coat
S11 Blue Coat
Fine Wool Trench
S12 Tan Snap Jacket
Rust Jacket
S12 Blue Zipper Jacket
Grey Jacket
Brown Wool Trench
Borrowed Camo Jacket

Running Outfit

Master Post

Sam's taste in clothing through the seasons...[Click Here for Charts]

In Season 12 - Sam got 1 new plaid shirt. :)
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