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Quick Reaction: 5x20 The Devil You Know

To make up for the past two weeks of watching the East Coast feed - this week I had to watch the West Coast feed and then wait a half an hour before I could get on the internet. Good news is that my Mum is visiting! Yay! I have already apologized for being antisocial this evening and watching the show and then jumping on the internet and ignoring her....

So, the Devil You Know - the title alone could refer to 3 characters in the episode. Count them...it's intriguing.

How did we start off? Driving East in West Nevada? No, in a lab "testing" the Croatoan virus, which is going to be distributed as a Swine Flu vaccine. Good to know that I'd be safe from the Croatoan virus!! Woot! Finally being allergic to flu vaccines pays off! (in a fictional universe).

Crowley shows up in the back of the Impala - Anna style, with even worse affects. Turns out he's been listening in on all the Winchester's conversations - love the way they word "and the things I've heard" line...it's vague enough for those Wincest fans out there. That's the kind of fanservice I like - open to interpretation. The 100th episode's "erotically codependent" was a little obvious.

Crowley wants the boys to trust him - and Dean does. Sam is APPALLED! I LOVE Crowley's line to Dean to "call off your dog!" in reference to Sam. Nicely done. But dudes! Sam totally stabbed the seat of the Impala!! Not cool Sammy!

Crowley's got a hit out on him and wants to join Team Free Will. So, let's see here. Team Free Will is:
1)An ex-blood-junkie
2)A dropout with $6 bucks to his name
3)Mr. Comatose
5)The Gabester

So, Dean is trusting a demon even though he got all mad at Sam for trusting a demon...ah the hypocrisy of sibling-relationships. THEN, to top it off, when Crowley just wants Dean to come with him on the mission, Dean LEAVES SAM! And Sam even says "Dude! Doesn't this remind you of when I left with Ruby and you got all uppity, but you were right because she was a demon and completely screwed me over?" (Is it still paraphrasing when you make it much much longer?)

But Dean leaves, and Crowley sends him upstairs ill prepared and he gets the shit-kicked out of him That's not cool Crowley

So, we get our demon-boy, who doesn't have a name besides Brady or was it Bradly? I can't remember now. Anyway, I'll call him Brady. As it turns out Brady is an old friend of Sam's, and I like how as soon as Crowley mentions that Sam and him have a history, Dean pulls the car over and demands answers...and I like that he then tries to show Sam the same faith Sam showed him. And much like Dean, Sam seems to not deserve that faith, but then pulls through.

Oh, but I missed Sam's conversation with Bobby - asking about how he controlled his body while possessed, and floating the idea of controlling the devil. I like that Sam brought this up, because I'm sure it's speculation that's been floating around out there...so, very interesting that Sam's debating it too. I wonder if anything will become of it? Hmmm.....

Bobby makes a good point about Sam not being able to control himself though...now,people have criticized the show for suddenly saying Sam has "anger management issues" when he's never appeared to have anger-issues before. To those people I say: Please go back and watch Dead Man's Blood and In My Time of Dying...plus, you know, there's beheading Gordon, strangling Dean...that sort of stuff.

Susie made a good point when Sam locked Dean in the bathroom with the chair. I believe the conversation went:
Susie: Like that could hold Dean!
Me: Haha, no kidding, I mean it's DEAN!

But whatever. Sam manages not to kill anyone, and Crowley gets the leverage he needs...and then we get HELL HOUNDS! I love how Dean recognizes them first - awesome stuff. Crowley shows back up with his bigger Hell Hound and we get an invisible dog fight! Show can't get in trouble for animal cruelty if there aren't actually dogs!

Once they're clear, Dean lets his own dog loose on Bradly...and Sammy goes to town. I REALLY love Dean's line about "You demons, the angels, you just don't get it...WE'RE the ones you should be scared of"...then Brady gets his speech about Sam being just like a demon, and I like how Sam just says 'Interesting theory" and stalks off...Dean looks disturbed by it, but I wasn't. After all, if Sam was so demony, why did YED have to send Brady to make sure Sam wouldn't turn out too mild-mannered?

That being said, I'm sure you guys all know how hot slightly evil good guys are...so, I don't mind if Sam's an abomination one bit.

Finally, Crowley gives Bobby a visit...and needs him to make a deal, even though he promises to give his soul right back. Is S6 going to be about saving Bobby?

Interesting that the episode was mainly just a set-up for the final two episodes. That's a LOT of ground left to cover in two episodes, folks....

So, thoughts?
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