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Rewatch S2: Ep 17 & 18

I accidentally skipped over Hollywood Babylon and watched Folsom Prison Blues (Ep19)...so I actually have three episodes typed up, but I like just posting two episodes at a time, so I'll wait until I was Ep 20, before I post Ep 19.

All I did today was watch Supernatural. No hours at work...and I just realized that I forgot to tell them that I'm going away for 6 weeks...hahaha...oops.

Anyway...TIME FOR TEARS (and fun!):


If some creepy guy was stalking me, I don't think I would leave a well crowded bar in order to walk to my car alone...I'm just saying..

Ok! In SPN-verse werewolves go freaky every night during the lead-up to the full moon. Good to know.

Dean *upon hearing that it's a werewolf*: "Awesome!"
Sam: "Can you be more of a geek about this?"
*Dean goes on about how badass werewolves are, and how they haven't seen one since they were kids*
Sam: "Ok Sparky, ad you know what, after we kill it we can go to Disneyland!"

Hehehe...I love that dialog. I love how Dean loves hunting werewolves, like they are his favorite. He told Gordon that his first hunt was something that he killed with a silver arrow straight to the heart, so I'm guessing that it was probably a werewolf. I wonder how old he was? I can't believe John had him hunting a werewolf his first time! (While Sam waiting in the car, no less). Man, I've said it before, I never know whether to admire John for being such a badass, or be super annoyed with him for being so reckless with his kids.

The other reason I like that dialog is because Sam calls Dean a geek. I get really tired of fanfiction that is constantly going on about Sam being a geek...the truth of the matter is that BOTH boys are the same level of geekyness! Seriously...they are both intelligent, both strong and capable, both geeky (sometimes about different things: Dean and the movies/music and occult references/history in movies/music; Sam and folklore/ancient customs/particularly nasty murderers). Sam just doesn't cover up his geekyness under a layer of machismo.

"Dean, always with the scissors" - I wonder how early in their childhood Sam discovered that Dean would always choose scissors...

I like the "Make Sam Uncomfortable" game that Madison plays. It's amusing.

And Sam getting into daytime TV is also amusing.

Jared looks really good in this episode. Maybe it's the lighting...but geez.

Madison: "You know, for a stakeout your car is a bit conspicuous" - Thankyou! Now tell Dean not to follow someone by literally tailing them! Seriously, you drive an Impala...it's like being in Chicago and not noticing a green Buick Riveria with a Mountie in the passenger seat....

Why does Sam always look like he's trying to eat his lovers?

You know what I find the most heartbreaking about the end? The fact that Madison is wearing Sam's shirt. For some reason that just kills me...Sam has to shoot her, and she's wearing his shirt...it's a nice shirt too. I hope wardrobe realized that Sam can't wear that stripped shirt anymore...I should have kept an eye out for it in the next episode...damn. Falling asleep on the job. Maybe I'll pop it back in later and do a kick fastforward through.

Sam really doesn't have a good track record for saving people...

Dean's single tear is perfect. I've never been able to do the single tear thing...not that I pretend to cry a lot, mind you. Poor Dean, so jazzed about the werewolf and all it does it make his brother sad.

Hollywood Babylon

I love the cheesy acting of the beginning. I remember watching it the first time and telling my sister how cheesy it was, and she was like "Haha...just wait for it..."

Completely off topic: the star of the movie (the one Dean has the crush on - Tarah Bentley?) has the same figure as me...she's a little skinnier but that's the only difference. If I lost about 10 pounds or so, I would look just like her...except with a different face and hair.

Sam running away from the Gilmore Girls set...love.

Sam: "This seem like swimming pool weather to you, Dean? It's down right Canadian." - also love.

You know, Sam might be "an encyclopedia of weirdness" but Dean is a movie encyclopedia...seriously, two questions: When does he watch all these and Where does he store this information in his brain?

Richard Moll - wasn't he the dude who played Bull on Nightcourt? - haha, I guess I shouldn't be making fun of Dean...

I saw an interview with Kripke or Robert Singer or someone and they said that all the complaints about the movie in this episode are comments that Supernatural had to put up with from the network...so I kept track:
1)Why does it have to be so dark? Can't it be more colourful?
2)How do the ghosts hear?
3)"What would a ghost be scared of besides salt?" "What about shotguns?" "That makes even less sense than salt"
4)No pace, no love interest.

I like it when the costar shines his flashlight right in the main girls face during the scene...Jared and Jensen do that occasionally too, but I think it's scripted..or at least, I think they do it on purpose.

I love how Sam is doing all the running around research stuff, while Dean is hanging out being "one hell of a PA" and every time Sam comes back to set, Dean is a little more entrenched in the PA-life.

Thre's a scene when Sam and Dean are walking to a trailer to watch the dailies, and as they are walking you can see this really huge jack pine behind the buildings behind them...and then they get to the trailer and there is a little palm tree next to it...like "seriously, this is LA, ignore the gigantic symbol of Canada that you just saw"

Dean: "We've got to go check out Joey Ramone's grave when we're done here."
Sam: "Why, you want to dig him up too?"
Dean: "Bite your tongue, Heathen!"

Sam: "You know, maybe the spirits are trying to shut down the movie because it sucks...because, you know, it kind of does."

I love pose Dean strikes with the shotgun over the writer, when the writer says "you are one hell of PA" - it's perfectly OTT.

Writer: "I can't believe there's an afterlife!"
Dean: "There's an afterlife alright, mostly it's a pain in the ass"

And then the boys walk off into the sunset...while it is snowing...in LA...man, I love Canada.


Until next time, which may very well be sooner rather than later...
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