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Secret Pointless Project Unveiled - Partially

Basically, I'm cataloging the clothing. I'm not the first to have done it. paxlux  keeps track of coats, and bellanut  has a catalog of Dean and Sam's clothes for S1-2. And I think there are lists up on the SuperWiki of how many pairs of pants and shirts each boy seems to own from season to season....so, what am I doing exactly?

I decided to take it a step further and record WHEN the boys wear specific clothes and what happens to said clothes. I was inspired by Dean's Red Plaid Shirt of Angst - which Dean seems to wear whenever he's having a hard time of it in the first two seasons. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I sometimes remember the specific clothes I was wearing during certain life events...sometimes it makes something become a "favorite" shirt, and sometimes it means that I can't wear that shirt again...I'm not saying the Winchesters would bother with such sentimentality (or the negative equivalent)...I was wondering more if their clothes could talk, what would they say? Basically, I wanted to record the story of the Winchester's clothes.

I was also inspired by a quote from Jared about how he had this jacket he loved, and then Sam got shot in it (BDABR) , so Jared couldn't wear it anymore...though the wardrobe ladies said that maybe it'd be patched up later. And that got me wondering how many times the continuity people had messed up - how many times a piece of clothing might have been damaged and then miraculously fixed a few days later...or whether they'd actually put stitches on things, and have it visibly repaired....

I'm back-dating the entries, so that they don't appear in people's flists when I put them up...and eventually I'll make a searchable index by article of clothing or by episode. I've already cataloged the first season.

You can check out two samples of what the entries will look like: Sam's Purple T-Shirt and Dean's Chocolate Utility Coat

I'm not keeping track of the black, grey, and white, T-shirts...just the unique shirts.

Let me know what you think!
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