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Dean's Chocolate Utility Coat

Dean's Chocolate Utility Coat

Dean’s Chocolate Utility Coat is introduced the moment we are introduced to Dean. It’s very utilitarian, with its combination zipper-snaps and four large front pockets. It sometimes looks like Dean's Black Utility Coat, but I'm 90% positive that the two are different.

Brand Information: Old Navy.

It is seen in the Pilot (1x01), when Dean breaks into Sam’s apartment and on their first day of research in Jericho when they talk to the Goth girls and almost get run over by a possessed Impala. It ends up covered in mud, and Dean rightly changes out of it as soon as he finds a shower. (NOTE: Actually, there is a continuity error: Dean actually jumps into a Magic Muddy Coat-Changing River. Between jumping in the river and crawling out of it, Dean has switched to his Black Utility Coat...which he then changes out of for his shower.)

FATE: MIA - the Chocolate Utility Coat is never seen again after the Pilot. It must have been confiscated from the motel room in Jericho by the police after they arrested Dean. (or it failed to make the move up to Vancouver)
Tags: if clothes could talk

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