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Rewatch S2: Ep 15 & 16

I realized today while reading episode descriptions on my DVD case, that I've been spelling Hendricksen's name wrong. My apologies - I didn't know he was Danish.

Tonight I watched Tall Tales and Roadkill. I didn't actually have that much to say about them! I have a nice even number of episodes left, so I'm thinking I'll keep with the two episodes per post pattern. Though, when when I get to the final disc there are numerous commentaries, so I might want to split those up...we'll see.


Tall Tales

Speaking of things that creep me out: Professor/Student seduction (or vise versa) is near the top of the list. Seriously though, why doesn't Prof-dude question why the girl is out in the cold with just a thin dress on...and man, poor actress! At least they film in Vancouver, it's the warmest part of the country (I think).

The POV stories! I love these. The utter unclassyness of Dean in Sam's story...the complete opposite version from Dean, where he is the classy one and Sam is bitchybitch! Haha...man, for all Dean's self-worth issues, he obviously has a high opinion of his looks (and he should), that "It's like staring into the sun" line makes me laugh every time.

And then later we get OverlyEmotional!Sam. It's so excellent. They must have had so much fun with this episode. There isn't even anything for me to say about it other than: hilarious!

One question though: How does Sam recognize a belly-scale from an alligator? Seriously, what DID this boy study in college?

Sam's money-clip is so fancy.

I love the expression on Dean's face after the Trickster says "hoisted on their own petards!" haha...I think I've only ever heard that phrase on the Simpsons.

The Trickster likes the Winchesters. I think this is important to note. I mean, yeah, he might be a little pissed about the stabbing thing, but I think he still likes them...

When the Trickster "dies" and everything he created disappears...the bed stays. I find it kind of annoying.

The most beautiful Winchester apology EVER:
Sam: "Dean, I ...uh...um..."
Dean: "Me too, Sam"
Bobby: "You boys are breaking my heart."

Is this the only hunt they've failed? Well, to their credit, they think they've done it.

This is a pretty short recap compared to what I usually write, but really, this episode is just pure entertainment, there's not that much to sink your teeth into. The boys bickering are HILARIOUS and I guess it says a lot about the common stuff that annoys them about each other...Dean's socks in the sink...heheh...food in the fridge? They've only been there a week, how can it be darwinism? Ah well...still, fun stuff.


I love this episode. It's really fun watching it when you already know the twist at the end. That's not to say it wasn't fun the first time, I remember being quite impressed.

Molly: "The only time we really argue is when we're stuck in the car."
Sam: "Hah, I know what that's like"
*Dean glares at Sam*

I love the pathetic way Sam says "Don't sugar coat it for her" when Dean tells Molly that they're hunting ghosts. I might also love it because he says it with a bit more of an accent than usual, or something...there's just SOMETHING about the way he says that line that I'm in love with.

I guess there must be mountains in Nevada where it snows. I don't know about US geography. I always associate Nevada with desert, but then I was quite the CSI fan for numerous years, so it might have skewed my perspective.

Dean: "You know just once I'd like to round the corner and see a NICE house."

It's ironic that Dean refuses to make excuses for ghosts and says he doesn't like them, when he almost became one in My Time of Dying...of course, he doesn't remember any of that.

Dean: "You're like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness"
Sam: "Yeah, I know"
-Awww...man, I am just finding the boys adorable tonight.

Sam's an incredibly fast digger. Dean was in that room for maybe half a minute and Sam had the grave dug out...it's AMAZING! :-P

At the end when they are talking to Molly at sunrise, there are these crazy Extreme CU shots that drive me bonkers. Seriously, they are EXTREMELY close up...I do not like it. I find it vaguely creepy having their heads fill the entire screen like that...I mean, they basically cut them off at chin and forehead and the WHOLE SCREEN is FACE. I'm not saying the boys aren't nice to look at, but SERIOUSLY...too much. They only do this for about a minute of dialog, and then they are back to the more reasonable CUs, thankfully. Charles Beeson directed this episode...I don't remember this problem with Playthings (which he also directed), so hopefully it's not a common thing he does, but if it is, someone should have a talk with him.

Man, I'm not as long-winded tonight...probably because these episodes are "case" episodes, rather than "plot" episodes; or maybe I've dropped the ball.


Moodtheme animation is episode specific! (Plus, I actually am hungry)

I also just noticed that there's a tiny "CityTV" logo in the bottom of my moodtheme animation...yay Canadian TV channels.

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