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Sam strung-out

REwatch S14: Damaged Goods (14x11)

And we're back, so soon - because I've got nothing else to do, and I CERTAINLY am not going to the Grand Canyon this week like I was supposed to... it's okay though, the Grand Canyon isn't going anywhere. I'll see it eventually.

Damaged Goods

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Oh god, there's commentary? Do I have to watch this whole episode again? I'm going to put that off for another day. First, cut scenes:

Deleted scene 33:
The kidnapping of storage security guy. Nothing special.


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That's the episode!

It was good commentary! I liked that!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments. Once again, sorry if I'm overly negative in this one - i just really hate Nick storylines and it's hard for me to get my enjoyment back up around him.

I'll try to do another episode (or two) this weekend. :) This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/587280.html.
The Damned and the Saved

Quick Reaction: 15x13 Destiny's Child

WE'RE BACK! With more quarantined reactions... but tonight, I DID have a glass of wine, because drinking alone is fine if everyone else is doing it. :P

Sadly, as announced on twitter today, this will be the last new Supernatural episode, until probably both Canada and California come out the other side of covid19. So, let's all do our part not to unknowningly spread this thing! Stay at home if you can, and keep 6 feet away from everyone if you do have to go out.


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Let me know what you thought in comments!

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Rewatch S14: The Spear (14x09) and Nihilism (14x10)

Quarantine rewatches begin! Let's get back at this folks... I've got 12 episodes to go to finish off S14, and due to a temporary production shut-down, we're not actually sure anymore when the Series Finale will be - which means that THIS IS MY CHANCE to finish my S14 rewatch and get the clothes posted before the series concludes.

So, we return, after my time away - and try to remember where the heck I left off...

The Spear

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Anyway, good times, still a good episode! Let me know what you thought in comments! I'll be back either on the weekend or next week - depending on when I get bored of the other things I have to do in my apartment. :)

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The Damned and the Saved

Quick Reaction: 15x12 Galaxy Brain

Hello! It's been 3 weeks since I last posted here, and MY GOODNESS THE WORLD.

So, let's address a couple of things before we get into the episode:

1)My mother's surgery went fine and she's recovering at home, yay! I've flown back to Vancouver.
2)In a surprise turn of events, it turns out that I've been socially-distant my entire life and so I have had to make absolutely no lifestyle changes. The only thing that has changed is that I can now avoid my friends without worrying that they're going to take it personally.
3)Of course, it's not all great - I had to cancel all my March trips... the ones that were going to make it impossible for me to do rewatches until April at the earliest. The good news is that they were trips that I can do in the future when the world is better. The next thing I have planned is at the end of May, and I'm VERY MUCH HOPING that things are okay by then and the event isn't cancelled - because it's the only thing where it's my only shot at it.
4)The upside to having my trips cancelled though, and not seeing my friends as often as they'd like, is that I will indeed have PLENTY OF TIME for rewatches and working on the clothing catalogue. So, I'm going to be starting those back up probably this week (I spent all last week slacking, so now I'm bored of slacking.)

I hope everyone is staying well, and staying away from their 65+ parents and grandparents - please remember not to panic. Also, there is no need to hoard toilet paper, people. Please use your brains. This isn't actually the apocalypse. There is nothing wrong with the supply-chain.

Anyway, let's talk about an ACTUAL APOCALYPSE, and get into THE EPISODE....

Oh, I should say that because of the plague, I did not go to my friend's house tonight - and instead I watched a download. It also means that I didn't drink, because drinking alone on a Monday did not sound like a healthy lifestyle choice. So, I apologize if I'm not as entertaining... don't worry though, I still only took bad notes!

Galaxy Brain

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Let me know what you thought in comments!! </div>

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Sam strung-out

Uh, right, so...

"Hey - didn't you promise you'd get a lot of rewatches done during the hiatus? Didn't you plan to have S14 clothing finished by the spring? Where have you been?"

... so, a few things have been keeping me from rewatches. And they are, in no particular order:
1)My own disinterest in watching S14 again - as it turns out, it's not one of my favourite seasons, so it's hard to motivate myself to spend my precious free time on rewatching it. 
2)My mother had to get major surgery last week, and so I had to fly back to east to help her in the recover period - I brought my DVDs with me, full of hope, but honestly, between still working and hospital visits, I maybe only got 2 hours of uninterrupted quality free time every day... and please refer to point #1.
3)March is a SUPER busy month for me. I don't get back to my own place until next week. And then I'll be gone again a total of 10 days throughout the month. When I AM in town, I have to put in as many hours of work as possible, because I don't get paid vacation - so not working for 6 days out of the month is a major blow to my finances.
4)I have an opportunity to do another art project in April. I had fun doing the one I did in November, but that one ate up a LOT of my free time (including me pulling 2 all-nighters). So, we'll see. If I don't do the art project in April, then I may do rewatches then. 

The upshot of this is that I WILL get the rewatches and clothing for S14 finished. But it'll most likely be in April or May. And until then, I'm just going to focus on keeping up with S15 quick reactions and timeline.

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Quick Reaction: 15x10 The Heroes Journey


We're back to our regularly scheduled program here (and yes, I know I neglected to do rewatches this week - but I'll catch up somehow next week.) Anyway, our regular schedule means that I've been drinking and taking poor notes.... and this episode was more than a little bizarre... so let's do this thing...

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Let me know what you thought in comments! And as this is the sort of episode that I could see people really not liking... please keep in mind the rule - for every negative thing you say, you have to say something nice. Shitting on things is more of a rewatch thing... for Quick Reactions, I prefer to stay optimistic and happy about the current season. Thanks!

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