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[sticky post] Welcome + Fic and Time-line

Things of mine you might want to check out:

Hells Half Acre's Supernatural Time-Line: The only accurate Supernatural Time-Line on the Internet....in my opinion.

Master List of my Fanfic

Master List of my Meta

If Clothes Could Talk - a catalogue of Sam and Dean's clothes throughout the seasons (this project is ongoing - S1-S8 complete)

This journal is public with an occasional f-locked personal-life post. The only rule is that I like to keep things positive - so any negativity or mean-spiritedness will be frowned upon. I like to like things.


We continue with our exploration of Dean's character with my favourite scene from S2, and possibly my second favourite quote from the show of all time.

"There's no higher power, there's no God. There's just chaos and violence, and random unpredictable evil that comes out of nowhere and rips you to shreds."

Man, I love him.

The thing is, he's not wrong - even all these years later. I mean, technically, there's a God in the show, BUT, because the God of Supernatural is actually a "god" and not the "God" of the actual Abrahamic faiths, even with god, there is still JUST chaos and violence, and random unpredictable evil that comes out of nowhere and rips you to shreds. The angels in SPN, from their conception, and with the seeming exception (most of the time) of Cas, have always been just as bad as demons from the perspective of the Winchesters. Certainly, they were rare on earth until S4, but after S4, we've seen them act much like demons do - using their vessels for their own ends, causing pain and destruction "for the greater good."  And God himself has proven to be both fallible and not omniscient, to the extent that, save for Castiel's resurrections and maybe one or two deus ex machina moments, he may as well not exist.

But really, even before we got to the reveal of angels (and by extension heaven and God) in S4, I loved this quote.

Dean is an atheist in a world where he KNOWS that demons and Hell are a thing. He has proof that the afterlife exists, and yet he doesn't even seem to entertain the idea that there might be a balanced "light" to the "dark." No, it is all just dark, it is all just misery... and Dean tells us this WITH A SMILE. Look at his smile as he delivers this line, as he says "...and rips you to shreds." It's... I don't think I'd even describe it as a bitter smile.... it's accepting. Dean has seen a world without salvation, a world that has already ripped him to shreds and he is sure will do so again, and he basically says "well, I might as well smile and do the best I can to make it a little bit better for as many people as I can before it kills me."

And THAT right there is a hero.

I think that's why a lot of "anti-heroes" rub me the wrong way. They're too bitter and miserable. Too reluctant. Dean does get more depressed as the series continues, it's true, but I think this here still remains the core of his character. 

I also maintain that even after the confirmed existence of God, that Dean remains an atheist... because he doesn't BELIEVE in God. He doesn't trust him. He doesn't have FAITH in God.... Dean believes and has faith in himself and those he loves, and Dean does not love God.

I feel like everything I've said so far is woefully inadequate for expressing my love for this scene and quote. But so much of it I haven't figured out how to put into words yet. Mainly though, this scene touches on a major theme of S1-S5, which I'll talk about more when I get to the scene I chose for S4. :)

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Welcome to a Summer Themed Post! Going off a suggestion from borgmama1of5 - I'm going to pick one scene each season and tell you why I like it.

If there's a youtube clip for the scene, I'll post it, if not, I'll post either screenshots or dialogue (or both).

Season 1: Dean calls John in 1.09 Home

Why did I choose this scene: 

I've talked about it countless times before it seems, but this moment is the moment that the show hooked me. Up until this point, I was watching because the show was mildly entertaining and because it was an activity that I could do with my sister, and therefore spend more time with her (when we started watching the show, we had spent a few years separated by circumstance, and I had missed her.)

As soon as this scene happened though, and we got an emotion from Dean other than "cocky", "flirty", and "protective of Sam", I wanted to know more... Dean became a real person rather than an archetype. The facade had crumbled and suddenly he was those other things, but he was also scared, and his absent father was PAINFUL rather than just a plot device. Not only that, but his absent father was obviously loved by Dean, not just as "yeah, of course, he's my dad" but also clearly someone who Dean reached out to when he was scared.... those of us who have strained relationships with one or more of our parents know that who you reach out to when you're scared is a HUGE indicator of the relative health of your love. 

And yes, we can argue about the health of Dean's relationship to John until the cows come home - obviously, there WERE problems there... but this scene told me that whatever those problems were, John was loving underneath it all. John was someone that obviously, ordinarily, Dean felt that he COULD call when he was in crisis... and S1 was the aberration of John's response, not the standard. If John had always failed to come when Dean called him, then by the age of 26, Dean would have ceased trying. It's true, he's partially calling here because there's a slim possibility that the thing in the house is the thing that killed Mom and John would ultimately be interested in that - but that's not really how Dean frames the call. He's saying "come here, because I need you." Not, "this might be what you've been looking for."

In anycase, my main point is that this is the scene where we stared to see DEAN, not just "Sam's older brother" but Dean as his own complex character with a complex internal life, and a "public" face that he puts on for Sam, and a "private" face that he hides away.

And that made me want to watch the show to see what happened to him... without this scene, well, I would have watched the show anyway, and probably been hooked sometime later - but maybe not until S2... which I'll talk about next time.
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Summer content?

Any requests for what I should post here during the hiatus?

I've also got onto Pillowfort as part of the 4th wave beta users. I'm going to be using that blog mostly to talk about my original fiction... or at least, that's the plan. 

Right now,  I'm doing a 7 books for 7 days on FB - so, that's also an option for something I could mirror here.

I could also just stick with fan-content.

Basically, give me your ideas, because I am unsure and/or indecisive.

I will put the kibosh on anything that requires a major research/writing undertaking though, like - I'm not going to count how many times Sam gets choked in the series, or write a 70k fic. I'm currently already working on a fic (slow going, but I AM working on it). I'm mostly looking for posts that take less than 2 hours to write and can be done fairly regularly.

So, yeah, ideas? Otherwise, it'll just be random crap or silence until the show starts up again!

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Timeline Posted for Season 13

Hello! I forgot to post the S13 timeline last weekend, so here it is a week later...

I put it on the same page as S12, so just scroll down - follow this link to view it on LJ or follow this link to view it on dreamwidth.

Season 13 was VERY LOW on dates, and it was also a year without any written time-jumps, so there's a lot of time we don't see, because we start in May 2017 with the first 7-8 episodes happening in May and June, and then we enter mystery time-passage for about 5 episodes then we're suddenly in October, and then it's all a mystery again for 7 episodes until we end no earlier than April 2018, so, that's a lot of time! I actually didn't think I'd be able to date much of anything, but thanks to Sam's corkboard in the last episode I was able to get that approximate ending month.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! I will put it up on the SuperWiki when I am able as well. This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/558447.html.

Oh wait, there's a whole lot I have to do before I jump too far ahead...

Firstly, as you could no doubt tell by my previous post - usual rules apply! I've been drinking! All quotes are approximate, and if you don't have anything nice to say, then just say "I don't have anything nice to say" and I will KNOW YOUR PAIN, without having every remnant of joy ground out of me.

Now to the episode....


As per usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!

I'll hopefully have the timeline posted soon, and then it's the long summer hiatus where I may just disappear for a while.

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Hey quick question: My go to site may have disappointed me this week, as it's well after the show aired but it's not available yet, and I'm getting nervous.

Does anyone have any reliable direct download or streaming sites they use?

You can drop it in comments or send me a PM - I may just be getting impatient because it's the finale, but I've already had 1 and a half glasses of wine and time feels like it's a' wastin.

ETA (1 hour later): Yeah, guys, I'm starting to get nervous that this isn't going to happen. The westcoast has already started airing, so if there's a site that streams concurrently, I'm missing that too. Geez. I can't go on social media until I watch this episode. It's going to be a long night...

ETA (2 hours later): I GOT IT! Just have to wait for it to download, which right now it's telling me 1-2 hours... so... still going to be a late night. I'm also on my third glass of wine already... should be fun!

Ficlet: Wringer Washer

MONTHS ago, I solicited prompts, because I was going to spend Canadian Thankgiving writing... but then I only actually wrote two of the prompts.

So, today I got really bored and decided that I wanted to write another one. I took a look at the list and decided to fill [personal profile] madebyme_x  prompt, which was:

A quiet day in the bunker doing chores (who does the washing up? Does the bunker have a laundry room? Do they hang their clothes outside to dry? Do they have an old vacuum cleaner or any other vintage cleaning products? How many bathrooms need cleaning? Do the boys have a chore rota?)

And this is mainly just a small love-letter to chores you enjoy and the old wringer washer that lived in the basement of my cottage...

Wringer Washer
500 words

Watch your fingers!Collapse )


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Quick Reaction: 13x22 Exodus

Yay for poor decisions! Episode downloaded, I have trouble falling asleep when I'm drunk anyway, so EPISODE IT IS - and yes, I know that it's not good to get this tipsy when you're drinking alone, but in fairness I have all of YOU people, figuratively, with me.

So, it's midnight, I am both tired and drunk - let's see if I can summarize and react to this episode... naturally, if you don't know the rules by now, there's no hope for you... (or you are new, HELLO!)


I've known you since the stars were madeCollapse )

I am so tired, guys.

So, as usual, let me know your thoughts, balancing rule applies as far as you can stretch it. Tell me how beautiful Sam was and how amazing Dean's profile is.

I'll try to double-check my downloads next week earlier in the evening so that I don't end up going to bed at 2am again. This is going to HURT TOMORROW.

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Damn You Pirates!

I'm on the Island this week at my sister's place, who has slow internet for some unknown reason (probably because she doesn't work from home, and barely uses the internet when she is home, because she's got a far healthier lifestyle than I do in all respects)... 

....anyway, as a result I waited 4 HOURS to download tonights episode, only to discover that it was MISLABELED AND THE WRONG EPISODE!

So... life is horrible and I'm now drunk for no reason. 

I found the correct download, but it's going to be at LEAST an hour and it's already 11pm, and I have to watch, then write up, then sleep, then wake up in the morning....

so, this is all to say that if I DON'T post about the episode until sometime tomorrow, it is because I have given up. And if I do post about the episode before 2am PST, you'll know I'm an idiot who makes poor life decisions.

TL;DR: Sorry for the delay! Quick Reaction will be up as soon as I'm able to watch the episode, or after I've slept, whichever comes first.  This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/557478.html.


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