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The Damned and the Saved

Rewatch S14: Peace of Mind (14x15)

And we're back...

Sorry for my absence last week. I'd promise to be better, but we all know that I'm not a person of my word now :P

Once again, I'm mostly doing these rewatches to catalogue the clothes, so this rewatch analysis will be a little bit thin - I do apologize for that, and if there's anything you want to discuss in more depth, feel free to leave a comment to prompt me about it.
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The Damned and the Saved

Quick Reaction: 15x15 Gimme Shelter


Yes, yes, I know there were no rewatches on the weekend, even though I said there would be... but I was BUSY... I will do rewatches this weekend, respond to my AO3 comments, and I will also remember to email my mother and everything else I forgot to do last weekend.

Now, let's talk about the episode...

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Let me know what you thought in comments!
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The Damned and the Saved

I know I know...

Listen, I know I missed last weekend's rewatch... and the thing is, this weekend is my birthday weekend, since my birthday falls on a Monday... so, birthday long weekend! (I took Monday off work). 

So, I'm spending the weekend doing other things... sorry sorry!

I will catch you next weekend though, and maybe try to do a bunch of rewatches in a row to make up for it.

Also, Thursday is new SPN! So you'll actually see a post about that first! I have self-isolated for 2 weeks again so that I can go to my friend's place confidently every Thursday until the show ends and we can keep our Supernatural tradition alive until the very end! So, yay!

I also know that some of you have left comments that I haven't responded to yet, and sorry about that too! This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/589581.html.
The Damned and the Saved

Rewatch S14: Ouroboros (14x14)

Alright! I am a dependable and productive person - here I am a week later, just like I said! Go me!

I mean, at this rate, I won't be done until November, but at least I'm diligently working on it.


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Okay, good episode, fun times.

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The Damned and the Saved

Rewatch S14: Lebanon (14x13)


Finally tackling Lebanon after all these months... it has a special feature attached to it too, so let's see if I can do it all tonight, and take a break between the episode and the feature for dinner.


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Oh wait, first...

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Supernatural Homecoming - Exploring the 300th Episode - Special Feature

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As always, let me know your thoughts in comments or what you're annoyed that I didn't talk about! :)

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The Damned and the Saved

Last Day

Alright, for all my talk of having moved on mentally, I have to admit that seeing all the last-day things - the set tear downs, the goodbye messages - has got me feeling pretty emotional.

It's been a hell of a run.

Writing for the Supernatural fandom got me back into writing, and since 2008, I've written 1 contemporary novel that I scrapped, and 1 epic fantasy novel that I'm currently doing edits on and want to eventually finish up to be something I'm willing to show to people. And really, I'm not sure whether another show or fandom would have really sparked that "I need to contribute to this" energy that I got with Supernatural... maybe... but more than likely not. I've also met a TON of great friends through the show - one of which gave me my previous job, which eventually led to me gaining the experience to apply to the job that I have now, which is going REALLY WELL (knock on wood) and might actually lead to me earning a living wage for once in my life. 

Basically, I'm trying to say that as much I already filled my days with other things, Supernatural has shaped a large part of my life... even to the point where when my sister invited me to move to Vancouver, one of my thoughts was "well, it'd be cool to live where Supernatural films - maybe I should do it." 

I'll definitely miss sharing a city with the boys and looking for a black Impala whenever I pass by a filming site.

The goal is to get back to rewatches this weekend. Thanks to all those who left kind comments on my last post!

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The Damned and the Saved


 I realize that basically since the show went on hiatus back in February(?), I have done nothing but post messages that say that I'm alive and that I have plans to start doing rewatches again soon....

... listen, I don't need to tell you that it's been a weird year. 

With the show finishing off in October, I do really want to finish up my S14 rewatches, post the clothing catalogue, and basically get that entire task squared away.

The problem now is that my schedule doesn't revolve around SPN posting anymore, so it's really hard for me to find the time. And, the truth of the matter is that I've moved on mentally as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm still curious about how the show will end - I'm still really looking forward to seeing the final episodes, and the special about the show too, etc. But since these last few seasons haven't exactly been my favourite, and my mind has already moved on to the next obsessive passion, it's hard for me to enthusiastically sit down and do a rewatch or work on the clothing catalogue. So, it becomes a task that is a low priorty for me. It becomes a task that's a little more "work" than "leisure." If I have a day off, I'm more likely to spend it enjoying new things.

And lets be honest, the majority of people who read and commented on my rewatch posts have moved on to. There are maybe one or two people who still engage with me regularly on here, and while I appreciate them immensely, it's still not the same as back in the days when I had high engagement and felt that people actually cared whether I posted or not.

I AM GOING TO FINISH THE REWATCHES. I mean, for chrissakes, I've got 1.5 seasons left to be a completist about the show. I'm going to do it. It's just a question of how swiftly. I was supposed to do one this weekend, but instead I hung out with my friends and participated in a virtual bookclub, and drank a glass of whiskey at night which makes me mostly useless and I know it.

And I'm going to finish the clothing catalogue too - though I don't know how many years later it's going to stay up, since it cost me hosting fees for all the pictures every year. But the core of it will remain. The clothing catalogue may look a little different this year, because I thought I was being clever by not updating my files as I went (time consuming) and instead just taking notes to update them later... and now I've accidentally lost half my notes...so... yeah, instead of pinpointing the scenes where they change clothes, it might be more vague, like "Dean wears this in the first half of the episode" because I can tell that much from my screencaps that I take as references while I watch.

ANYWAY, this is the latest "I'm still alive and I promise to get back to rewatches" sorry if I've let you down this year when you needed some familiarity and distractions. It's been a bit of year for me too though - like, my mother got major surgery in February, then suddenly global pandemic, then I switched jobs and was working two jobs, then I was once again visiting my mother and working evenings and weekends because I was in a different timezone with a new job... and now I'm back in Vancouver, and I'm fairly settled into the new job, but I've only been here two weeks, so I've sort of been forgiving myself a little in how slow I am to figure out what exaclty my schedule looks like in this new world.

My current loose plan is to start rewatches again this week/end. 

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