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Quick Reaction: 15x10 The Heroes Journey


We're back to our regularly scheduled program here (and yes, I know I neglected to do rewatches this week - but I'll catch up somehow next week.) Anyway, our regular schedule means that I've been drinking and taking poor notes.... and this episode was more than a little bizarre... so let's do this thing...

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Let me know what you thought in comments! And as this is the sort of episode that I could see people really not liking... please keep in mind the rule - for every negative thing you say, you have to say something nice. Shitting on things is more of a rewatch thing... for Quick Reactions, I prefer to stay optimistic and happy about the current season. Thanks!

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Crying Dean

Quick Reaction: 15x09 The Trap

Just when I thought I was out....

...not that I really was. It's just that with things being so chaotic IRL at the moment, I found myself noticeably less enthused about the show. Case and point, I didn't bother going to my friend's place tonight for our usual Supernatural night - just because it seemed like too much effort (granted, we've also had a huge dump of snow in Vancouver and part of the problem was that I just didn't want to leave my house.)

But this episode has really pulled me back in!!! Let's talk about it under a cut....

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Let me know what you thought in comments! I'm looking forward to next week!

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Rewatch S14: Nightmare Logic (14x05) and Optimism (14x06)

I'm doing two episodes in one post, because I did both rewatches on the same day and then realized that I didn't have much to say about Optimism.

Let's get into it....

Nightmare Logic

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And there you have it! Tune in next week for another two episodes! So far the new system for getting these done is working, yay!

I'll see you Thursday for the new episode!!!

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Rewatch S14: Mint Condition (14x04)

Hi! Second one of the week! Yay! Made my promise this time. Let's cross our fingers for next week too.

Also the show is coming back next week! Oh MAN...

Without further ado...

Mint Condition

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Next week! Two more! The goal will probably be Tuesday/Friday and then the new episode on Thursday.  This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/584723.html.

Rewatch S14: The Scar (14x03)

Okay! I am back on track. New year, new method of doing things that will hopefully mean that things actually get done. Sorry about the fall, folks - it just completely got away from me for several reasons that I won't go into.

I'm still doing these the SUPER casual way - no indepth dialogue analysis and no rewrites (yet). It's just my general thoughts as I rewatch.

14x03 The Scar

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Mint Condition rewatch will be posted on Thursday, probably! I'm still going to try to do two per week. Sorry that's it's not a deep analysis like I used to do. If there's anything about these episodes you want my in-depth thoughts on, just ask me in the comments and I'll give it more thought JUST FOR YOU! Which makes it EVEN MORE SPECIAL.

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Sam strung-out

Just a quick update

I know I said I'd do 2 rewatches a week, and then I promptly disappeared for at least 2 weeks.... so... yeah....turns out, I have absolutely no idea how to manage my time anymore. Or, it's not so much that, as it is that the Holiday season is REALLY social and I always prioritize hanging out with my friends over my little pet projects....


So, there WILL be content coming up... and I WILL finish the WIP I've currently got going on AO3. It'll all happen. 

In the meantime, forgive my accidental empty promises.

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Rewatch S14: Gods & Monsters

Hi! I know I'm a week late on this. I'm still trying to find a balance between over-scheduling myself and under-scheduling myself, and I haven't quite got it yet. That being said, new goal is to do these twice per week while SPN is on winter hiatus, and then once per week after that. We'll see if I accomplish that.

I'm still going to be going with the very loose format, rather than the indepth analysis. 

Let's jump into 15x02....

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As usual, if you have any thoughts to add, or want me to talk about a specific point, let me know in comments. :) This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/584163.html.

Quick Reaction: 15x08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

So, unfortunately, my friend’s PVR messed up and she forgot to set in motion the emergency back-up protocol, so I missed the first 16 minutes of the episode. I’ll have to download it later just for timeline purposes, but in the interest of going to bed at a decent hour tonight, I’m going to first write up what I saw.

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Let me know what you thought in comments! If I missed anything really crucial in the first 15 minutes that you want to discuss, uh... give me a synopsis, or let me know and I'll respond with my thoughts on it after I'm able to view it!

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Sam strung-out

Rewatch S14: Stranger in a Strange Land (14x01)


But, before you get your hopes up too much - because of the (obvious) time constraints I have this year, I'm not going as indepth on these as I have in the past. I know a lot of you like my dialogue analysis, or my rewrites, and I do feel bad that I can't deliver the same quality of rewatch this time 'round. But the choice is either put it off until I have more time - which, who knows when that will be? Or do a quick and dirty version, so that I can, at the very least, get the clothing cataloged and posted.

I'm going with the later option - because then at least SOMETHING gets done.

So, without further ado... my general thoughts on 14x01:

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Anyway, tell me if you have any additional thoughts in comments!

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