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Quick Reaction: 5x14 My Bloody Valentine

Well, that was more than a little heartbreaking...

Oh man, ok, where do I start...


I was spoiled for it being Famine, but I still like the way they elude to it...Sam comes in with food, even though usually Sam's not that into food. Dean doesn't want to eat and he doesn't want sex...that's a spanner in the Famine works, but, as we find out later, Sam's actually spot on with that dog analogy.

I love how this season (and a bit of last season) the boys are SO used to playing FBI agents that there's practically no questioning of their authority. And the coroners and sheriffs call them when they ask, and treat them like colleagues.

Sam handling body parts...sticking with the theme. Dean asking Sam to be his Valentine with a real human heart - hilarious.

Cupid was great. Obviously lower orders of Angels (cherub 3rd class) have way less control over their emotions (or more emotions in general) than higher order Angels.

I like how Dean's reaction to the hugging is "Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?" - a sure sign the Winchesters don't hug enough.

Castiel trying to comfort the Cupid was funny, but at the same time, you'd think that being a higher order Angel he'd know how to talk to lower order Angels.

I love this exchange:
Sam: You just punched Cupid
Dean: I just punched a DICK!

Sam being able to "smell" demons was awesome. I'd kind of like that to be a permanent ability, but you know...as long as it didn't go with strong cravings. Still, I'm really proud of Sam for holding out as long as he did in this episode.

Castiel is getting human pretty fast....he had so many un-Castiel-like facial expressions during this episode. Eating the burgers...and then later when he actually SMILES in the car. I'm glad burgers make him happy, that's why him and Dean are BFFs.

I'm getting ahead of myself....

The diner scene - with the deep-fryer....SO DISGUSTING. Oh, not to mention the TWINKIE DEATH OF DISGUSTING. Did I mention this episode was DISGUSTING?!

And dude, Sam's plan would have totally worked if the demons didn't know where he was staying! I'm also proud of Sam for asking Dean to tie him up...and Castiel moving that wardrobe was awesome.

Now, Dean being dead inside...ouch. At first, I was sure Dean's "famine" would be company, or friends, or love, or praise, or something...but it makes more sense that his "craving" is for it just to be over. He's been defeated since S2, it's part of the reason he didn't debate long about selling his soul to Sam..remember his "light at the end of the tunnel" line? The light being hellfire? Yeah...still, now I kind of wish it was his "strength of character" that made him resist. He wasn't resisting though, Death wanted to make him give up...and he was, he gave up eating, which is basically how most animals decide to end things.

Ok, back to talking about Sam. MAN, I mean, yeah, I'm sad that he fell off the wagon, and yeah, I felt really bad for him...but DUDE, I LOVE KICK ASS SAMMY! I love how he totally got the jump on those demons, and he FLUNG one and his line of "wait your turn" AWESOME.

NOW! Showdown with Famine...

Oh first I have to mention how much I loved the fact that Cas really WAS like an attack dog that you could throw a steak at.

Anyway, back to KICK ASS SAMMY! Dude, destiny be damned and speaking of strength of character: Sammy refuses the blood WHILE IN THE PRESENCE OF FAMINE! Everyone else had killed themselves within minutes. Cas is a frickin' semi-Angel and he can't stop eating! Sam not only refuses the blood, he EXORCISES SIX DEMONS WITH HIS MIND (was it 6? It was a lot). And then...then he PULLS THEM OUT OF FAMINE.

What I don't understand is did he actually kill Famine? Send him away? I'm not sure what happened there.

But dude, awesome.

Of course, then we get the final scene...Sam back in detox in the panic room. Castiel actually being to Dean this time instead of manipulating him. And then Dean...

...when Dean prays you KNOW it's bad.

But dude, Dean...look at your brother. Man, yeah he fell off the wagon and he's in rough shape...but DUDE, I thought he was pretty inspirational back there. Still, Sam is hurting, and Dean doesn't do well when Sam's hurting...and after last week...well, yeah.

Sad :-(

In other news: I thought this would be the episode that I saw the location shoot of, but it wasn't. So, I guess that's the next one.

They certainly are taking all their Hellatus breaks on sad notes.

Oh, and I should say that I thought the episode was acted brilliantly. Those guys just keep getting better and better..


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Feb. 12th, 2010 07:17 am (UTC)
I was going to point out all the things you said that I agree with, but then I realized it would basically be all of them.

I turned off the TV at the first gross thing, but the deep fat fryer horrified me more, I think.

Sam was pretty kickass. I watched and though, "hmm, I should be saddened by this, but really, it's just too awesome."

I loved every single scene with Castiel. Why hasn't there been more Cas in recent episoes?

I was kind of bummed by the John / Mary cupid thing. Not as "oh no, poor playthings of FATE!" but just...hmm. It seemed like one bright spot in all the crap the characters have had dumped on them. Their relationship came across as sweet and kind of touching, even if it had all sort of tragic outcomes. But now it seems sort of artificial and thus tainted.
Feb. 12th, 2010 07:20 am (UTC)
Yeah, I totally agree about the Mary/John thing. I would have punched Cupid in the face too. It really was the bright spot of the show, and I think it was also a bright spot for Dean - the fact that his parents really loved each other - to have that be artificial was pretty saddening.

Haha, I was the same way with Sam. I'm like "ok, one one level I am sad, but on every other level: this is AWESOME."

Cas is pretty awesome. I hope he's in whatever the March 25th episode is. :-)
Feb. 12th, 2010 08:02 am (UTC)
I didn't see him in the trailer, did you? (I never catch half the stuff in those. Plus, I was distracted by how non-scruffy Bobby looked. It was disconcerting!) Though I think I remember seeing someone say something about, given the number of episodes they contracted Misha Collins for, it seems likely he'll be in the rest of the season?
Feb. 12th, 2010 08:06 am (UTC)
No, I didn't see him...but he might pop in. I'm sure if he's not in the next one, he'll be in every single one after that. I mean, they did sign him as a cast regular.
Feb. 12th, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
I love how this season (and a bit of last season) the boys are SO used to playing FBI agents that there's practically no questioning of their authority. And the coroners and sheriffs call them when they ask, and treat them like colleagues.
i know, that was awesome!! wow.
Feb. 16th, 2010 05:10 am (UTC)
Those two are really getting better and better. I always find myself comparing their acting to other actors in other shows and man, they're just. . well they freakin beat everyone else.
Male actors who could do such emotional scenes. I mean, when you look at Ackles his eyes glisten Glisten! It's freaking incredible.

On that note I'm gonna move on to agree with you that this really was the ickiest episode from that show. God the biting at beginning and the twinkies was so gross.

I don't know if you've ever read the Hellblazer graphic novels. But you might have seen the movie that was supposed to be based of it called Constantine with Keanu Reeves.
This show sometimes reminds me of Hellblazer. Mostly just because of the whole supernatural stuff but there was one thing in particular on this episode that really made me think of Constantine. It was when we saw Dean with the coroner, you could tell they were getting along and the doc never asked to see his credentials again or act in any way suspicious or annoyed he was actually being friendly. The moment I saw that I thought 'that dude is so dead'
Because there is this thing like some curse that everyone who the Winchesters befriend tend to end up dead. (except for Bobby who seems sometimes un-killable)
Here I can't help but think back to the psychic who helped them an lost her eyes and then her life. She said something to Dean I believe about whishing to never have met them or something like that.
And in Hellblazer John Constantine also seems to have this curse where all his friends or allies end up dead sooner or later. (except for Chad who seems immune)
Anyways, I'm not really sure why I brought all that up. Just sharing the thoughts I suppose.

As for Sammy Winchester. . . I know it's wrong what with all the demon blood inside of him but my gosh kick-ass Sam is such a turn on.

I just wish it wouldn't upset poor Dean so much. It hurts to see him like that.
Feb. 16th, 2010 05:20 am (UTC)
The boys really are awesome!

I've never read the Hellblazer graphic novels (surprisingly, not really my cup-of-tea) but I did see Constantine...I also read an interview with Kripke (or someone anyway) who said that Castiel's trench-coat was an homage to John Constantine...so yeah, definitely Hellblazer influences in Supernatural.

Man, kick-ass Sam was DELICIOUS. Yes, sad and everything...but ugh...so so hot.

But yeah, sad Dean is saddening. I hope they figure out how to cheer him up a little after the hiatus.
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