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Further thoughts on 5x11 Sam Interrupted

Ok, I guess since it's still within the first 24 hours of airing, I'll put stuff behind a cut, just in case there are people on my flist who haven't watched the episode yet:

A couple of delayed reactions:

1. Wait a sec...I've never been in a long term committed relationship either, and I'm only 2 years younger than Dean! There's nothing wrong with that!

2. Hey, no wonder Dean is always complaining about how tired he is...it's not Hunting, it's the fact that the dude NEVER SLEEPS. Seriously, I mean, I'm all for the show making their lives horrible, but at least make it believable. No one could be so sleep deprived, and drink so much, and look as good as Dean Winchester.


Was Dean hallucinating that therapist from the beginning? Or just during their last conversation when she looked a lot like Meg? Because if she was a figment of his imagination from the beginning, then Dean totally diagnosed his own psychosis and then gave himself a pity party.

I've got to download the episode now so that I can time-line it. I don't think they slipped up and put any dates in there though, sadly. So far Season 5 has been the absolute hardest to time-line...S4 was the easiest.



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Jan. 23rd, 2010 02:55 am (UTC)
I agree about the sleeping/drinking. I'm choosing to believe that he was exaggerating. And not counting naps. I seriously doubt anyone could function with that little sleep for so long a time.

If they push it, I will just stick it in the little box that also contains holding out for 30 years in hell, and being functional after 40 years of hell, and the whole emotionless angels thing. And the grace thing. And...well, let's just say the little box is getting a teensy bit full. The little box is labeled "disbelief." It's the stuff I can't suspend, but I'm quite willing to just not think about, ever. Call it the Dean Winchester solution: suppress, suppress, deny, deny. Ignore.
Jan. 23rd, 2010 07:19 am (UTC)
Haha, yeah, I should make a list of unbelievable things and then try to excuse them - that's always fun.

In my big "little" box of disbelief is also the boys ability to dig up a six foot grave on their own in under 5 minutes.
Jan. 24th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC)
I know, I'm a year younger than Dean and I've never been in a serious relationship either. I suppose the question makes sense though, considering it came from the doctor who turned out to be Dean's hallucination.

Yeah, and add in all of the greasy food Dean eats, and there's no way he'd look that good!

I'm pretty sure she was a figment of his imagination the whole time. Well, considering that he's always seen it as his job to keep his family together, it doesn't really surprise me that he'd give himself the pity part.
Jan. 24th, 2010 01:30 am (UTC)
True enough...plus I've always seen Dean as the type to WANT to have a serious relationship (he just can't with his lifestyle) so it makes sense that he'd see it as an issue.

Crazy, Dean would make a good therapist for himself...

Another thing I realized when time-lining the episode, is that Dean might be playing checkers with a hallucination too. I just thought he was purposefully acting crazy when the "doctor" walked up - but maybe he was imagining more people than just the doc.

Ah well, for the purposes of getting to look at attractive men every week, I will suspend my disbelief when it comes to how the Winchesters can possibly look that good.
Jan. 24th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
Ooh, I didn't even think of the checkers scene!

LOL, So true! Who cares if it's possible, when we get to stare at those two hotties? ;)
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