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This journal is public with an occasional f-locked personal-life post. The only rule is that I like to keep things positive - so any negativity or mean-spiritedness will be frowned upon. I like to like things.


Quick Reaction: 12x07 Rock Never Dies


Back to the regular program of booze and show, so forgive errors.

Let's jump right into it, because we CAN...

And you promised to destroy me and all my dreamsCollapse )

As usual, let me know what you all though in comments! (And let me know if you have that line for me.)
Let's see if I can get through a rewatch before I fall asleep... I must admit, I've been procrastinating on this one, so, I guess my subconscious isn't overly fond of this episode.

We shall see though!

O Brother Where Art Thou

It"s not easy being a parent - knowing when to hug your child, knowing when to kill him.Collapse )

So, surprisingly, I was completely wrong about that episode. It was really interesting and there was a TON to talk about.

Rewatch S11: Just My Imagination (11x08)

I ended up starting this way later in the day then I wanted to, because my landlord needed to work on the electrical for "20 minutes" that turned into 3 hours and counting...

But, here we are, and I'll fit in as much as I can, while the lights go on and off, before I get too sleepy to continue...

I remember absolutely loveling this episode, so I've been looking forward to devoting time to the rewatch. Let's dive in...

Just My Imagination

Even when he"s dead. Sparkle can"t stop shining.Collapse )


[Jared and Jensen] are so good. I mean, they"ve been doing this at a high level for over a decard.Collapse )

No Quick Reaction this week, because of American Thanksgiving! So, I'll most likely see you again on the weekend for another rewatch. :)
You get an icon of Braeden from Teen Wolf this week, because I don't have any Mary or Jody icons - obviously, this is something that needs to change. If anyone has any links, let me know (do people even make icons for LJ anymore?!)

I'm feeling under the weather today. So I didn't go to my friend's place for dinner/wine/show like usual. Instead I stayed home, skipped dinner (though I should probably not to that, so I'll eat after I type this up) and relied on downloads... which thankfully did not fail me.

So, let's hope that my wit isn't dependant on my alcoholism or my health, because I fear I have neither at the moment.

I've still only watched the episode once, while taking very poor notes....


Rocks and trees and trees and rocksCollapse )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments. I really liked this one though, so if you hated it, don't rain on my parade. And if you HAVE to, don't forget the rule of balancing out negative comments with positive ones!

rewatches resume next week


I spent the weekend visiting family. And, I thought I'd do the rewatch either yesterday or today, but yesterday I was exhausted, and today I realized that the next episode is Just My Imagination - and I kinda wanted to not rush with that one, which means it'd be better to do it on a Sunday.

So, for those of you who eagerly await my rewatches each week - or, at least, enjoy them (which might be all of two of you, based on comments)... there won't be one this week. Sorry! You'll have to wait until Sunday!

In the meantime, I'll see you on Thursday for the new episode! :)
Slightly different format today! My usual SPN friends are off watching a play, so I'm not drinking wine at their place like usual. BUT, I'm also house-sitting, which means that I have access to a TV! So, I'm going to take my notes live while I watch, so you can see the process! Fun!

The process will show you why I'll inevitably remember things slightly wrong and the quotes won't be exact. ;)

Okay, so the way it's going to look - just as an experiment, is that I'm going to leave my notes bolded, and write the episode up around them when I can. Now, of course, they'll be SLIGHTLY different, because usually I hand-write notes. But for the most part that just means that I was able to write more complete sentences than usual... whereas usually my notes are just nouns and verbs.

Also, I'll be timelining - only, it's my other computer that has my timeline document, so in a very rare event, I'm going to be writing up my timeline entry at the bottom of the post too. So that tomorrow when I'm back on my other computer, I can copy it into the document. So, you'll get to see that process as well (sort of).

Let's do this thing... entry lyric is Leonard Cohen, because that's who I've been listening to before the show, for sad reasons.

Everybody knows that the war is overCollapse )

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!

The Present

Someone on Facebook asked me if I could offer historical perspective on these "terrifying times". My short answer was:

My historical perspective is that we are in terrifying times. I mean, the good news is that this happened because we were making social progress, and that eventually we will come out the otherside and make even more progress... But in the meantime we will suffer and people will die.

My long answer is this:

Every time there is progress, there is push back. The 1920s were a time of social freedom and positive cultural advancement, where marginalized communities, for a time, found more social acceptance - that period came OUT of the First World War, which had been it's opposite - men sent to die and countries ruined by a ruling class that did not understand the changing world. And, much like the 20s follows WWI, the rise of fascism was a response to the 20s - in particular fascism's social/cultural policies and the persecution of marginalized communities that became more visible in the 20s.

A Russian History Prof of mine once referred to Russian history as happening like a pendulum - swinging first one way, then that momentum - instead of launching the weight further forward - swings back just as far to the other extreme. I see the same thing now.

We're on a backwards swing right now - and it's important to know that the pendulum will swing forward again. Whether that's in 2 years, or 4... or whether it happens outside of the political process completely.

I'm not going to lie, I'm extremely devastated, as I have basic empathy - and also because the US is a world influence, and this is going to have social, and cultural ripples everywhere (waves, tsunamis). Then there's the fact that a Trump presidency was determined to be something that would destabilize world economies and possibly plunge everything into another recession... which is the last thing we need right now.

But, Germany's response to Hitler was to come up with the strongest democracy in Europe and the most open society. They learned. If that learning happens in the US (preferably without the millions of dead and the country and continent in ruins) - then when the pendulum swings forward again, it might even swing hard enough to shift the clock over an inch, so that it can never swing back as far as before.

This might also be a good time to donate to charities and strengthen your social responsibility networks - keep an eye out for your neighbours who might face increased racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, prejudice, and marginalization, and the intersection of all those.

The only way out is through, and we've all watched enough Supernatural to know that the worst thing would be to split up! So, stay together - look out for each other - and we'll come out the other side of this with a hug. :)



Rewatch S11: Plush (11x07)

I've got, like, 2 hours to do this - so, let's see if it happens!

Donna episode!! Let's go...


No, Dean, I"m joking. Because clowns are really funny to me.Collapse )

AND I FINISHED IN TIME! It's probably short, but that's because I didn't talk about the plot much.

Quick Reaction: 12x04 American Nightmare

By the title of this episode, I would assume it was about the election *badum*tiss*

Okay, I apologies - usual rules: been drinking, only watched once, took notes (but poorly), things are going to be wrong and all quotes are paraphrased - don't correct me unless I ask or it's super important to the plot.

This was the first episode from one of our new writers! Davey Perez! I think he did a GOOD JOB!

Let's talk about it!

You just hit me where I lived. Guess it looked quite primitive.Collapse )

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments! :)


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