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If Clothes Could Talk - a catalogue of Sam and Dean's clothes throughout the seasons (this project is ongoing - S1-S8 complete)

This journal is public with an occasional f-locked personal-life post. The only rule is that I like to keep things positive - so any negativity or mean-spiritedness will be frowned upon. I like to like things.


It's Supernatural Day! (officially in EST)

On this day in OUR universe history, Supernatural made it's debut in 2005. I was busy at the time, and didn't manage to see it until 2008, but when I DID see it, I fell in love (not at first sight, but by the end of watching the first season for sure.)

So, what about the Supernatural-Universe. What have Sam and Dean been up to on this momentous occasion over the years?

September 13th
(These posts follow chronological time - ie: I don't skip years like the show does. So, "current" events are 2 years in the future)

1958 - It's been a month and day since John's father disappeared in the middle of the night. John is probably still living in Normal, IL, but soon his mother will remarry and move down to Lawrence, KS (not necessarily in that order).

1967 - The Impala, the most important object in the universe, has existed for 4.5 months. No one has named it Baby yet.

1973 - The Impala has been owned by John Winchester for a little over 4 months. As of yet, probably still not affectionately referred to as Baby. It's been 4 months and 11 days since Mary's parents were both killed.

1979 - Dean is 2 weeks shy of 8 months old.

1983 - Sam is 4 months and 11 days old. In the time since he's been alive, Mary and John have had at least one fight large enough for John to leave home for a few days.

1990 - Adam Milligan is just 2.5 weeks away from being born.

1994 - Sam stops believing in the Easter Bunny around this time.

1998 - It's around this time that Dean takes a roadtrip alone while John and Sam hunt a banshee in Florida. Dean meets Lisa Braeden and has a very bendy weekend.

2002 - Sam starts his first semester at Stanford University.

2003 - By now, Adam Milligan has met his father.

2005 - Sam has started what is going to be his last few weeks at Stanford University. He is living with his girlfriend Jess, who he has known for a year and a half.

2006 - Around this time, Sam meets Andy, another person with inexplicable abilities.

2007 - A gulf of time we know nothing about. Dean is going to die in a little less than 8 months and Sam is understandably upset about it.

2008 - Sam is hunting demons and training his powers with Ruby. Castiel is most likely already fighting the forces of Hell in an attempt to save Dean, but it is a little too late (perhaps by design), because Dean has already gotten off the rack and is torturing people.

2009 - Having reunited after some time apart, Sam and Dean investigate a series of deaths where people have been murdered by those they idolize.

2010 - Sam's body is back on earth, hunting. Dean is living with the Braedens, grieving his dead brother. Sam's soul is in hell being tortured by Lucifer. Castiel is having problems with Raphael in Heaven.

2011 - Sam and Dean are hunting together again, while Dean tries to also keep up his life with the Braedens. There's something off about Sam that worries Dean though and going out for hunting jobs has started to put stress on his homelife, though Lisa is optimistic they can make it work. Castiel is "busy" and doesn't have "time for this."

2012 - Sam gets to practice a little law when Osiris puts Dean on trial for his guilty conscience - turns out, Sam didn't miss his calling as a trial defense attorney. The boys believe Castiel to be dead. Castiel, if he's alive at this point, has a really bad case of amnesia.

2013 - Sam finds himself confused and stranded in Kermit, TX, while he looks after a dog he accidentally ran over. The dogs vet, Amelia, doesn't like him very much. Dean and Castiel are trapped in Purgatory.

2014 - Unsurprisingly, Sam's relationship with Amelia isn't going so great. It's made worse when her MIA husband returns home, not dead after all! There seems to be a lot of the not-dead-yet going around, as Dean, Cas, and Dean's new friend Benny, finally zero in on Purgatory's human escape hatch.

2015 - We're not sure what exactly Sam and Dean are up to at this time - but we know that Cas is human, Sam is secretly possessed by an angel, and Dean is super stressed about both things.

2016 - Dean is freshly human again, after spending most of his summer as a demon. He's still got the Mark of Cain though, and that sucks. Sam is happy to have his brother back, but is pretty concerned about the Mark. Cas is tracking down wayward angels with Hannah, but he's got a diminishing grace problem.

2017 - Where exactly the Winchesters are, we don't know, but the good news is that Dean doesn't have the Mark anymore, Castiel has his grace back, and Sam's doing just fine though he keeps having weird dreams. The bad news is that the Darkness has been released from captivity and may destroy the entire universe as we know it.

2018 - WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?! We'll find out starting October 13th....

Update on Things!

Hello Everyone,

So, while I wait for my rice to cook, I figured I'd update you on what's going to happen around these parts over the fall/winter/spring :)

Quick Reactions
Will still happen on Thursday nights after the episode airs.

I've got the S11 DVDs on my Amazon Wishlist. I'll probably wait until after my birthday to buy them, JUST IN CASE. So, rewatches will start happening sometime in early-mid October. I don't know how quick I'll be able to do them, but I'll be aiming for at least once per week, so that, at the very least, I'll be done by the spring.

Random Other Posts
If there are other types of posts of mine that you like and want to see more of, let me know.

If Clothes Could Talk
I'll be updating my personal files for S11 as I go through the rewatch, but I won't be doing the site until I'm done the rewatch. So, that will also probably happen in early-late spring.

I've started to write another (and probably final) instalment of the Demented'verse. I'm not sure when I'll start posting it. Mayhaps, not until early 2017, but it all depends on how fast I write it, of course. I also haven't decided if I'll do the weekly installment method of posting (which tends to be more fun, because people comment more) or if I'll write it all and post it in one fell swoop. Again, it probably depends how fast I write it.

I still want to write a little bit more in the Men of Legend 'verse, but that's on hold, since my mind is rather taken over by the demented'verse at the moment.

I kinda want to write Stranger Things OT3 fic too, just because there isn't enough of it on the internet to satisfy me... but, I'm going to be honest and admit that writing romantic stuff is not my strong suit, even though I enjoy reading it. So, I'll probably leave it to the professionals.

Fantasy Novel
Ugh, I'm sort of at the bottom of a pit with this one. I'm so enthusiastic about all the ideas that I want to cram in there, and how absolutely awesome I think it is... yet, when I try to put it on paper, it's comes out looking like garbage... discouraging garbage. So, yeah, I've been using my "original fic" writing time to write fanfic instead lately.

I have two jobs! Now, mind you, I've had two jobs for the past year - but now I have a different two jobs. I "retired" from my old secondary part-time job last week (it was a mornings/evenings/weekends type job, and I REALLY missed having my weekends...and mornings) also, it involved a lot of driving and didn't pay all that great considering how much time it took up. The new secondary part-time job has a better hourly rate and it's work-from-home, so that's pretty convenient. It DOES mean that between my two part-time jobs, I will basically have full-time-job hours. So... that's another factor that will affect how quick I am to get rewatches done and fanfic written.

But, this is good, because it means I maybe can afford to live? Also, when one job is slow (ie: not giving me many hours), I'll have a second job that probably won't be.

I want to travel some place in 2017. I haven't been on a real vacation vacation since... 2010, arguably, and even that was just a week in Germany, sleeping on my friend's couch, and not doing much else because I was poor. So... if people have suggestions of where I should go, let me know. I like affordable vacations in non-tropical locations, because tropical locations are a)too hot, b)too full of scary bugs, and c)often just involve lounging by pools and that's boring... I like wandering cities and going to museums. The last vacation I took where I got to wander cities and go to museums was in 2009, when I went to China and Singapore. Anyway, if any one lives somewhere that's not North America, and wants to let me sleep on their couch at some point, let me know... or if you just have a recommendation for a really cool place to go.

Stranger Things

Sometimes I watch shows besides Supernatural! *gasp* I know! It's true!

I just finished watching Netflix's original Stranger Thing's - which is an 8 episode mini-series.... which you have probably already heard about and/or watched, because I am always slightly behind the times when it comes to watching TV. (This is by design, I like to have the entire world vet my viewing options before I commit to anything.)


Major SpoilersCollapse )

NON-SPOILERY REVIEW: I liked it! It's a suspense/horror show about how much people love each other and how you shouldn't belittle or abuse that.

I was thinking next I might check out The Get Down, because I hear good things about it too.
So, with the Con officially over, but my friends still in town, it was time to extend the fun and participate in things that were restricted access.


As per usual, on Monday, raloria and I traveled around a few popular Supernatural filming locations. Despite living in Vancouver, I'd never been out to Riverview - which is a partially abandoned mental health hospital campus in Coquitlam. And I do mean CAMPUS. I hadn't actually realized how big it was. When people said "oh, that's filmed at Riverview", I just thought it was maybe one or two buildings - but nope! It's a huge place, with several meandering (and confusing) streets, and many many different types of buildings.
Images under cutCollapse )


Jerry Wanek & ActorsCollapse )

Fun times were had by all though - and thus ended another VanCon.

I'll decide about next year in the spring - it'll depend on finances and stuff. I also want to go on a real vacation next year, and it might be too difficult to do both things, and real vacation is my #1 priority, because I haven't had one in 4-6 years (it depends if you count me going to Bermuda for 4 days to attend a wedding).



VanCon 2016: Sunday - Lazy!

I'm going to be lazy today and not go down to the convention. It's J2 day, and the way the hotel is set up, I don't think they actually have to walk through the lobby to get anywhere - so, I'm unlikely to see them (though, I did see both Osric and Sebastian Roche walk through the lobby yesterday). Well, famous last words maybe, but *shrug*

I know my friends will have a lot of downtime today, so I am half-tempted to go hang out  - but I'm also seeing them all tomorrow too.

Also, it's grey and cold and I just went to my first yoga practice in 2 months, and now my abs hurt. :P

So, I will be watching the twit machine with the rest of you for updates.

Oh! Follow-up to the Karaoke fiasco - I got an email back from Gary of Creation... and he said that making it wristbands only was a "bad decision by an overzealous volunteer" and he apologizes. So, that was nice. I mean, I still have a lot of problems with Creation, but I'm thankful for the apology and acknowledgement that it was VanCon that was in the wrong on that one.


Today I slept in, only getting to my beloved lobby as the clock struck noon and the horn blew the first 4 notes of O Canada - (Which is a thing that happens at noon every day in Vancouver, FYI).

I sat with some other fangirls and talked about fannish things for a bit. Then raloria found me and we started chatting, but were interrupted by an older couple from Florida who wanted to know about Supernatural - they had already talked to some other fans and planned to watch the first season, but they wanted to hear more. This, somehow, led to a discussion about immigration and religious freedoms. We kept things remarkably civil, given that they were treading a fine line with me! Haha, though, in fairness, I spontaneously decided to argue the thesis that Western fear of being slowly infiltrated by "immigrants" and our laws being eventually governed by foreign morals, stems from Christianity's horrible history of doing exactly that, and we can't comprehend cultures who don't have that as their modus operandi. Anyway, they were nice people, but the sort of people who believe themselves liberal, yet go on to say pretty xenophobic things.

Anyway, needless to say, interesting chat!

I didn't get as much writing done today - I wrote maybe 500 words of Chapter 2 of the next installment of demented'verse - then I stared out the window for a while - then I surfed tumblr - then I decided to go home for dinner.


Was excellent! I was in the cheap seats. I could have moved forward a little once the show started, but it was kinda cool to have the paranoramic view - and the sound was the same from wherever. You didn't get the same crushing feeling of excitement, as you do in the front - but it's really cool to be able to see the whole audience... especially on the songs where the little candles all went up.

The concert, and all it's performers, just keep getting better and better every year. Let's see... what order did the guests come in...

Matt sang Song #2 by Blur. Kim Rhodes did a rockin' One Way Or Another... she's fantastic. Osric did Eminem. Brianna sang my favourite Jack White song - Love Disruption, and she KILLED it. It was amazing. I really hope someone got a good video of it, because she kicked ass.

Chris Shmelke joined Louden Swaine for a song.... hmm....

Oh! And Louden Swaine did a song where some of the audience members had kazoos and they did a kazoo solo! It was hilarious and adorable.

Okay, so, star performer was Jensen! He came out to join Rob for Fare Thee Well. I'm so glad Robbie Thompson wrote that  song into an episode, it's such a fantastic (and historical) piece of music. Before the concert started, they had passed out little candles to turn on during Fare Thee Well, so we did that! Yay! And then we had the little candles to use for other slow songs too, so that was nice.

After Fare Thee Well, Jensen stuck around on stage, called out Jason Manns, and they did a REALLY nice rendition of Simple Man. Jensen had sung Simple Man with the band last year - but I guess after doing this more accoustic, rehersed cover with Jason for his album - well, Jensen just KILLED it. It was a really beautiful cover, and he did an amazing job. I'm so happy that he's gotten less and less shy about his singing talent over the years, because every time I see him perform now, he just gets better and better (and he started out pretty damn good!)

Jason Manns then stuck around the stage after Jensen left, and he and Rob sang a fantastic cover of Come Together by the Beatles (one of my favourites).

Rob then sung She Waits, and Mama's Jam, which kinda go hand in hand in a way - since the first is a song about how his mother was abandoned by his father, and the second is his fantasy about killing his father.... though he assured us that he has no plans to actually murder anyone. :P

We got an encore of a few more tunes, and then Rob called everyone out on stage, and they did Purple Rain - which was amazing! And it was hilarious watching Jensen watch Rob rock out. Jensen was just so delighted by Rob, and really enjoying himself. And the whole audience got to sing along like a choir, and wave our candles... and it was great.  :)

I'd like to thank my friend for getting me the ticket! I didn't take any pictures or video... partially because I was at the back of the room, but also because I just wanted to be present in the moment and enjoy it. And I did. I love that Jensen has taken to singing Simple Man, because it's a song that I associate with Dean so heavily...and yeah, just a really great night.

I haven't decided on whether I'll do the lobby thing tomorrow or not. If I do, I won't be down there until the afternoon. We'll see!


VanCon 2016: Friday - Lobby and Karaoke

Woo! VanCon write-up post.... even though I'm not attending the Con!

Today I woke up at a leisurely 10am, had a bowl of cereal, and made it to the Con hotel by 11:30, where I set up shop in the lobby. The lovely Westin Bayshore hotel has free wifi! Yay!

(What a great lobby view!)

I spent the day writing the first chapter of the next installment of the demented'verse - I got a lot of work done! About 2-3000 words, I'd say. So, first chapter done, yay!

I also got coffee with Jules from the SuperWiki, accidentally causing her to miss the Jason Manns panel - but we were able to chat about summer movies, Comic-Con, and the fact that Super Handsome Asian Demon is an Australian actor, which I didn't realize because he obviously puts on a convincing American accent. So, his name is now Super Handsome Asian-Australian Demon (SHA-AD?) and I will continue to hope he doesn't get killed off.

Then I went home for dinner - I had pasta. It was adequate for my nuitritional needs, but nothing to write home about.


But first FIASCO!
They nearly didn't let me in!!! OH MY GOD, I was so upset. Apparently they changed the rules and you need wrist bands to get in now?!?! But their website and schedule still say that it's FREE, which you know, means FREE, there's no stipulation in there about needing a con ticket.

I was about to either punch the dude trying to kick me out or burst into tears or both - but luckily two of the female volunteers recognized me as a Con regular and one of them asked if I had a ticket for another day that weekend. I said I had a ticket for tomorrow night, and she declared that "good enough" - but I still argued that it shouldn't MATTER. You can't claim something is free and then have it not be! I spent both time and money to get myself downtown for karaoke - MONEY I DON'T HAVE. Anyway, needless to say, I'm very greatful that my friend kindly bought me a ticket for tomorrow night so that I didn't have to lie (I'm a really crap liar and wouldn't have even thought to until afterward), but I am definitely using some of my lobby writing time tomorrow to write a letter to Creation about this. You can't false advertise like that. IT BREAKS HEARTS.

Anyway, once I calmed down and convinced my body that I didn't have a use for all the panic adrenaline it was flooding my system with, I was able to enjoy the night. Special thanks to raloria for laughing it off with me. I was very thankful to have someone at my side through that brief fiasco.

But it was sort of a karaoke disaster, oh man... one fan summed it up well at the end of the night by saying that it was so bad it was good. Like - they were using youtube for the karaoke songs, and they didn't have adblock on - so we had to wait for some commercials! And then the quality was varied because apparently they hadn't vetted the videos beforehand! The most hilarious one was when there were porn lyrics for Sexy Back - like, really raunchy nonsensical porn lyrics. They stopped the video, Matt apologized humorously, and then they restarted with the proper one, but HONESTLY. Then, because they were dependant on youtube and wifi, there were a few times where the song just cut out because of buffering. Seriously, you do karaoke 14 billion times a year, you'd think you'd have invested in a reliable system by now.

But, our hosts and celebrity guests still made it a fantastic night! The special guests were Tyler Johnston (Samandriel), Osric Chau (who came out as Deadpool for a whole song and I couldn't tell if he was Osric or Tyler until he took off the mask at the end of the song.) Erica Carroll (Hannah), Brendan Taylor (New Doug!), who Briana introduced hilariously - and man, he's good at rap songs. Julian Richlings (Death) danced around like a maniac and I still love him to...death. :P Ummm... there was Briana, Kim, Matt, and Rob, of course... who else?!?! That might have been it.

There was a 12am cut-off, it seemed, so we wrapped up with a great rendition of Carry On - though at that point, my voice was wrecked from wooping and singing along for two hours, so hopefully you can't hear me warbling out of tune in the video that raloria was taking while standing beside me.

So, tomorrow I plan to do much the same as today - I'll head into the con around 11ish, and hang out in the lobby all day - if any of you guys reading this are at VanCon, you're welcome to come find me anytime to say hello. I'll be in the main lobby, on my little green and grey chromebook, writing either a strongely worded email to Creation or working on my fanfic. I'm quiet and maybe don't seem approachable, but I promise that I'm friendly and I like meeting people!

And then I get to go to the concert tomorrow - provided Creation don't change their minds about that too and kick me out (I keep telling myself that won't happen, because I have a ticket and everything - but now I'm super paranoid about having even the tiniest of my dreams crushed.)


Writing is Hard: Naming Characters

To continue with my summer series of posts about writing... let's pick up on something I didn't want to get into during my post about Formulating Characters....

Topic 3: Naming Characters

I called this a "whole other kettle of fish" in my last post. It's very rare that I name a character before I've created them. The exception to this is in the fantasy novel that I'm trying to write, but that's just because some of the characters were created, really, by my BFF as jokes between us, and he usually always started with an absurd name and went from there.

Anyway, let's divide this up:

Fanfiction and NOT High Fantasy/Scifi.

So, yes, usually I think of the character first and then come up with a name. Sometimes it's as simple as me telling my Welsh friend "I need a name for a priviledged rich white asshole" and them saying "David Cameron" and me discarding David, because all the Davids I know are related to me and/or adorable baby boys and I love them - and then using Cameron, because that's definitely the name of white guy, and Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day off was also rich - so it works! (The story I use Cameron in is a WIP and not published yet)

If it's a throwaway character, I'll usually just pick a common name - John, Nate, James, Jeremy, Phil, Chris, Sarah, Mary, Jessica, Rebecca, etc. Same goes for more diverse character names - I just pick whatever common name suits the ethnicity - Ahmed, in DDD is an example of this. Though, he's the only one that springs to mind, because I DO have a problem with not defaulting to white guys. But hopefully I've had others over the years....

For more important characters, I put WAY too much thought into it.

I mean, some are easy - Iggy and Andy from DDD are simply because I wanted a common muggle name - Andrew. And then a name that only pompous rich people still use (or old fashioned pure blood wizard types) - Ignatius.

Characters like Till... I choose names based on character background and meaning. Till got his first name from a guy that I once knew (see my Formulating Characters post)... but his last name I chose based solely on the character's background.

Till, being of Swedish decent, needed a Swedish lastname. So, I usually go to a site like behindthename.com and surnames.behindthename.com and surch by ethnicity... then I look for meanings. For Till, I wanted it to be something soft, and possibly something related to medicine - since Till is an OC in the Harry Potter universe, where people's names tend to reflect their occupations/lives/conditions. I mean, Remus Lupin was apparently bitten by a werewolf as a child, but his name was already "*person raised by a wolf* Wolf" and Sirius Black didn't become an animagus until he was a teenager, but it's no wonder his animagus form is a big black dog when his name is literally Dog Black.

So, I wanted Till's name to reflect an aspect of his personality - his soft voice - and something possibly about his vocation. I also needed a name that might be intimidating for non-Swedish people to pronounce at first glance - since I needed a reason why Harry never spoke to Till using his last name (as Harry often does with others). I decided on Till Ljung. Ljung being from the name of the Heather plant. I liked the idea of Till behind named after a flower, especially in a magical universe where more plants can be used for healing.

Similarly, Nate Lewin, has the last name Lewin, because it means "Dear Friend" in Old English. It's pretty transparent!

Anyway, that's usually what I do, at least in fic... just pick names based on ethnicity, how common I want them to be, and meaning.

Usually, the universe you're writing in already has established rules for names. Star Trek's Vulcans always have names like Spock, Sarek, Sorek, Sybok, Tuvok, T'Pring (sp?), T'Pal, etc.

Merlin usually uses Welsh names or names or Old English names... so you can find resources for those too.


Now, in the original fantasy novel that I'm currently trying to write, I had to come up with other ways of naming characters - because it's not earth. It's my very own middle-earth type place, with different countries, ethnicities, history, religion, etc.

It'd be weird to write a high fantasy novel and use the names Dick and Jane, you know? Or names like Muhammed or Christian... where, you know, those names clearly have very specific context in real-world cultures, and wouldn't make sense as common names in a world that had no Islam or Christianity.

That's why authors like Tolkien, and Jordan, come up with names that can be BASED on our languages, but not really reflect anything about our cultures. Frodo doesn't mean anything to us out of context. Eowyn DOES but only in old English, and it wasn't a common name anymore, so we just recognize it as "Yeah, that sounds like a name that would belong to a human."  Likewise, I'm sure Tolkien benefitted from how similar Galadriel sounds to angel-names (Gabriel, Raphael, etc) even though Elvish was based on Celtic languages.

Or it could be as simple as Jordan having a character names Mat, but only spelling it with one T. Matt, registers to us as a very common modern-times diminutive of Matthew. Whereas, Mat registers as a weird name.

So, who cares what they did, what do YOU do?!

Oh man, let me know when you figure it out. But I'll tell you what I've done... I have several different naming conventions:

1. Name people after sounds - Snick, Bada, Humm... or animals - Dove, Kit(ten), Lark, Rac(coon)...

2. Misspellings and typos. This is where the names Nenver and Essya come from... and those are my only two examples of where the name comes first. My BFF and I used to define our typos as new words. ("to apollophize" means to increase to god-like proportions.) Nenver and Essya, for some reason, we turned into characters.

2. Name people using portions of other words, I kinda already showed you this with the animals option above, but, here's more examples...let's go with flowers. Marig from Marigold. Chrysa from Chrysanthemum... or you could do the ends of the words. Santhem. Odil, from Daffodil.

3. Take words from different languages and anglecize them so completely that they look and sound like different words. Tav'rev... from Taibhreamh (Dream, in Irish Gaelic)

4. Things that are fun to say - Olaya, Jafa.

5. Portmanteaus - we already do it with shipping, why not just combine other names to make weird sounding ones? Maybe not Bennifer, but you know - Sastiel/Samstiel could be a name. So could Spirk, depending on the character, or it could be a last name. Kircoy. Jarevieve... Dansen. Jenneel.... you get the picture.

I also just made one country Irish, because I really like the name Maeve and I wanted to use it. So, screw it. :P

Another country, I was using Native American names, but now I'm worried that I'm culturally appropriating, because the characters are not Native American looking... they're actually Nigerian looking... so, year, I might change all those names. (For some reason, I don't feel the same trepidation of giving all my east-Indian looking-characters Irish names. I guess it's do to with cultural history and representation. Anyway, yeah, probably going to change all the Native American names for ones that I make up.

Anyway, that's naming for you! It's a whole kettle of fish... or possibly can of worms. :P

VanCon 2016

I did the math, and if I eat nothing for the rest of the month, I still won't be able to afford to pay my bills... let alone buy a second-hand ticket to one of the more expensive SPN Cons.

Last year, I was only able to go through the generousity of a stranger - and, at the time, I had a really hard time feeling like I deserved that, even though I was very very grateful. I still feel like I somehow let that person down... like, maybe I should have been even more grateful? I don't know... accepting gifts is really weird psychologically for me, apparently, even though I mooch off my friends all the damn time and that's like thousands of mini-gifts, not to mention their gift of not-minding or giving me a hard-time about it.

This is all to say that I'm broke, and I've already had my free ride... so....

This is my official notice that for the first time since 2010, I will NOT be attending VanCon this year.

I'll probably still go down to the Con hotel during the weekend and hang out with my friends between panels, but I won't have entry into the room, so there won't be any write-ups this year.


If you're coming to VanCon, keep an eye out for me in the lobby of the hotel, kareoke.... and at non-convention fan events. I will not be attending the actual convention.

Edit: Due to one of my friends being VERY KIND I will also be attending the Saturday Night Special concert. :)



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